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Branded Storytelling In 2017 Marketing

Modern marketing is now taking a new direction which is in the form of storytelling. The best brands at the moment are able to captivate audiences by telling amazing stories that revolve around their products and services, to get the attention of the consumers. Advertisers are competing for consumer’s attention with a number of devices, activities and shows. The world is shifting and the way in which people consume content is changing. It takes 50 milliseconds to make a first impression and 13 seconds for an image to be processed by the brain.

Content is now shifting to visual and with statistics suggesting that by 2019, 84% of content will be visual and 80% of that will be in video; there is need for marketers to start thinking differently. Advertisers therefore need to use moments and micro-moments to create interesting stories around them.

A great video production service can help you recreate moments into TV commercials or corporate videos that help tell a brand story. 3D architectural animation can help recreate ideas into visually appealing property development stories.

Characteristics of a great visual story

Sticky stories are created with amazing stories and great content. The content has to be appealing and it should be made to relate with the people with which it is meant for. Visual content has a 7 times higher conversion rate than any other type.

For visual content to create meaning with consumers, it has to be based on five key elements.

Originality this means that the content is not reproduced or replicated from what other marketers and brands are doing. Consumers are able to identify these as a story they have seen or been part of before and therefore lose interest really fast.
Relevance stories should be relevant to the theme and situation. They can therefore be crafted around local events, occasions and daily occurrences. This sort of helps the stories to rhymewith what is happening in the environment and people will be more likely to interact with it as they will find it more relevant.

Right Moment visual content should reach customers at the right time for them to engage with it. This is finding them at their point of need. When a customer is looking for a certain service and the visual of your brand pops up, it is more likely to engage him more than if he was not in that frame of mind.

Optimization This means that the visual content should have a call to action that leads the customer to perform the desired action. If the content is compelling enough then more people will be more likely to engage with it and follow through with the call to action. Snack-ablilitymeans that the content should be easy to understand and relate to. Easy to process content tends to stick for longer and it is rememberedmore.

Capture large audience Once you have a good story, it is then time to allow people to pass it along and engage with it. This is done through creating hashtags on the right platform and crafting ways to enable people make the story their own. This makes your consumers, your brand marketers and their voices reach more people than you would have done. Using platforms that allow people create stories to amplify the message will help the brand share the story even more.

The digital world is filled with technology that can really help businesses share their stories. By finding and making use of it, brands can connect with people and even get people create and share interesting content with their friends, which leads to even greater conversions and impressions. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchart and WhatsApp.