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Why Businesses Needs Animation?

It’s simple. If you mean it when it comes to increasing your businesses’ online presence, you have to be marketing great content; content that engages resonates and ensures your target audience take decisive action or share with others.

For some years now we’ve seen a massive increase in businesses using animation. This isn’t surprising; forward-thinking companies have been marketing digital content for many years. However, this recent rise in animation production (and sharing) is being driven by those seeking to capitalize on the medium’s artistic nature, its ability to communicate a brand’s spirit, and most importantly, deliver content in a format that can surpass reality or perception.

Why animation? Using animation will help you:

  • Live action talents are susceptible to popularity changes. Artistes are just humans prone to scandals, and scandals can easily cause a wane in their popularity.
  • Animated adverts using animated characters do not suffer from the issues live TV adverts face. As far as a make-belief role is concerned, its popularity can be timeless.
  • With animation, you are about to make it BIG TIME! 3D cartoon animation can achieve the most bizarre special effects and be presented in an ideal environment without any worry about the logistics and possibilities. You can go as far as Mars or as high as the Heavens! You can make an entire city blackout or make the Sun go nova! Go wild with animation!
  • Animation can be mixed with live environments or actors to create a cool commercial. But a ‘live-shot’ commercial is just like – an everyday old boring commercial! Just look at all the cool mobile hand phone ads combining special effects with live elements!
  • Animation campaigns are super easy as it saves time. People are more likely to watch a video than reading a lengthy document or website. An animation will not only save your audience time but also make sure your message gets across. If you’re giving a presentation, you can save time by playing the animation rather than preparing the slides and talking.
  • 3D Animation help to Boost SEO. The popularity of online video continues to grow steadily- in some parts of the world, 95% of the population regularly watch online videos. And with the development of smart televisions, people are watching online videos in their living rooms as well as on their computer screens. A video on YouTube – which can also appear on your website – can attract online search and direct traffic to your offer. YouTube’s home page is the second-most popular search on the web, behind only Google search. And YouTube videos appear in Google search rankings, giving you two chances to be found for each animation.
  • Animation campaigns educate, entertain and explain, the concept of your business in a simple and easy to comprehend manner.
  • Animation commercials also helps to communicate quickly and concisely, keep audiences engaged, grab attention, make a lasting impression and gain understanding.

Whether you’re looking to sell, tell, train or explain putting animation at the heart of your Video Marketing strategy can produce exciting results. As always, the substance must come before style. By ensuring your message is clear and your purpose well defined, before briefing your content creator will guarantee your Animation hits the spot, rather than becoming a flop.

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