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Five Psychological Tools We Use to Make Your Brand a Star

Every business tries to present its products in the best light. That’s a given. However, not all business owners know how to make their products shine in the eyes of their potential customers. That’s where we come in. Rainstorm Films is a video production services and also provide great 3D Animation that can make your offerings appear awesome. We don’t make generic videos here. We offer our clients services that have the highest impact on their audience. How do we achieve that? By putting psychology to work. We follow psychological tactics to make your marketing videos resonate with your target audience, and makes them remember you.

Emotions First

When clients are looking at your promotional videos, they want to know how their life can become better, easier, and more comfortable by buying your products. You can list ten of your product features, but if there is no mention of how they are beneficial to the customer, then they are of no use. Our videos spar your audience’s imagine and make them realize how your products will make their life amazing. That’s the key to their hearts.

No one is Perfect

Everyone knows this old adage. But, advertisers sit down to make videos, they tend to forget it. So, when they are finally done with the video production, what comes out is a video ad that is all praises and a little too good for the consumers to digest. We, at Rainstorm Films, understand the psychology of the consumer, and know how to make your product feel natural and realistic. We make your company appear more credible to the final consumer. They appreciate your approach and will want to buy what you are selling.

Make People Want You

Every brand is trying to create a positive perception of themselves. But, to make yourself desirable, you have to differentiate yourself. There are ways in which you can kill two birds with one stone – you can make your business appear desirable, and simultaneously taking down the competition. A good example is ‘Choosy moms choose Jif’. This message says that moms who care choose the Jif brand, while those who don’t, well, they choose the competition. Who would like to be called a bad mom? This is just one way of putting a strong message out there, and it does work. That is why we use this psychological tool while making your videos.

Customer is King. Let’s Make Them Feel it

Our videos and animations take into account the psychological need of consumers to feel exclusive. A simple line ‘it’s not for everyone’ can raise that sense of exclusivity that makes it difficult for the other person to ignore your ad. They will want to be a part of this exclusive group you are talking about. But, this does not mean you make false promises. Make your product worth the customer’s time and money. This tactic is only as good as your product.

Uncertainty and Doubts can do Wonders

When used in a legitimate fashion, a little doubt, uncertainty, and fear can be highly productive. If you are running a marketing campaign, a reminder that this great offer will end in a week, will make your clients want it more. This is the fear of losing out. The doubt that they may not find such a good offer later can make your consumers purchase more.

When we make videos and 3D animations, we keep in mind all these subtle tactics to make your brand shine. We are working to help you grow, one good video at a time.

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