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Recommended from ONG&ONG (visualization)

Another update on Testimonial again.

It was always great to know that my clients in a very satisfied mood then share their feeling to the team, here is an testimonial from Mr. Joon Country Manager @ AECOM now is his position, we did business with him before at ONG&ONG Architecture company while he still General Director there.

Vu is one of the best person who can provide 3D animation and rendering in Vietnam. The equipment in his office is state-of-the-art in the Vietnam market and he has a team of expert staff. And Vu is also very friendly and provides high value at reasonable cost. I will strongly recommend his service to anyone who is in need of graphic rendering and 3D animation for commercial and advertising purposes as he is one of the best around. August 29, 2009

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Good Value

Thanks to Mr. Joon and his words, Rainstorm wishing him all the best,