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Explain on grade of final shot in Phu My Hung – Scenic Valley 2 TVC Production in Vietnam

Thanks that Justin Nix  from Grading Central group has encouraged me to write this article/post about the final shot I did grading on the TVC for Phu My Hung, Vietnam.

A Small Brief on This TVC Production At Vietnam

Phú Mỹ Hưng known as a success and well known developer at Vietnam for their explorer and built District 7 from savage lakes, wide bonds into a nice and high civilization area now a day, its success led other developers build the whole District 7 into a large growing area at Vietnam.

By near Tết (Lunar New Year at Vietnam), we got awarded the TVC production job from Phú Mỹ Hưng Marketing team, with the deadline so tight, they need the video has to air right after Tet. Anyway, that was a success, that’s why I am writting this article about my grade on last shot, the shot that I like most. Forgot to mention that I am TVC director on this job, without help from the whole team, I could not…