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Seagate Enterprise Drives Break Bottlenecks for Animation Studio

When an award–winning Australian animation studio faced an uphill battle to deliver a critical project on time, it called on Seagate’s enterprise hard drives for a big storage assist.

The studio, The People’s Republic of Animation(PRA), provides animation for TV commercials, as well as for hit games for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PSP, Microsoft’s Xbox 360, and Nintendo’s Wii platform.

But with increasing demand for high–definition and 3D animation, PRA’s technology was stretched to the limits when it embarked on a high–profile project for Sony.

Sony’s wanted PRA to create a 90–second animated trailer for a new video game—a big project for a global client that could cement the Australian studio’s reputation as a leading player. But the studio faced a major problem:its server had slowed dramatically due to the massive production load.

With as many as 30 creative developers accessing the server simultaneously, network speed was sluggish, with a throughput of just 2MBs–per–second.

Seagate’s Constellation ES enterprise drives deliver ample capacity and round–the–clock reliability.

Downtime is…