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Website design Vietnam

In today’s technical world, a website of a business organization is considered to be its face in the market. A website is an important tool for any business to increase its profit by helping the business owners to expand their business to reach wider market at a comparatively lower cost. A website is also considered as one of the more effective way of approaching new customers and retain the existing ones.

Sample EBay store design & development

Rainstorm Film website design & development VietnamRainstorm Film website design & development VietnamRainstorm Film website design & development Vietnam

To develop an attractive, exclusive and highly professional website is the latest trend of advertising the products and services offered by a business organization. And, the two most crucial activities in preparing an eye-catchy website are web design and web development.

The Vietnam website design service promise to provide you extremely professional web designing services. The process of web designing and development requires very high degree…

Motion Graphics

Back to 2003, 2004 in Vietnam, not much people or designer understand what is Motion Graphics, the term now become much more popular present day (2011) as together with the help of Flash technologies, Web design – motion graphics help designers propose their stuffs more easily or to help a project on running for promoting in sale and run banner all over the world wide web – (aka. WEB FLASH BANNER). Still motion graphics within video and logo animation not a very big topic like other design stuffs, designer still not recognize its exist or in a very simple aspect.

To me Motion Graphics does a lot of thing within a limited budget and time also, and there – designer can living their dream, their own kingdom : animation logo, title animation (film/movie/video), tvc, jingle or breaking news, other stuffs in need of clean and quick chop and mostly we can see motion graphics appearing everyday on broadcast (Television Channel).

A sample of Motion Graphics we can see here in video…

Animation Process

People normally ask how animation have been done in both 3D and 2D, and how about hybrid like Sinbad the Movie :


Hard to describe in detail within a small blog like this, Rainstorm tried to rent from other internet resource which help you guys more understanding on this topic but not as deep as it usual.

2D process in a chart :

Source : here

and here is 3D :

Source : here

Within 3D, a more complex technologies may add up with physic, math and some other tools which need to help promote those visual more abstract as large impact to most audience. And yet, in 2D we need to rendering, with lot of people sitting there and do rendering (lol) but 3D with computer, more money to use but less people consume at the time, one engineer could help the rendering phase more decrease to let entire project meets deadline. Not very complex…