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Running C4D R12 application and Net Render Server in the same time

Well, actually this is not a new idea, I just based on last 2 old version where Client Render and Server Render got its own Execute file.

Yesterday there are friends came to my studios and given out a requirement to rent my render farm for 10 hours in execute their company’s job, that was really a very quick job, I got no C4D R12 in hand, well, I am a bit old fashion guy haha.

After a few setup, I realize that C4D r12 got no Client Render or Server Render, it is only an option as the beginning of installation stage. Wah, then I am gonna lose an IP just because to run Server side ? actually C4D r12 cost not much memory included CPU power horse to executes and maintains the Server app. During the installation stage, I saw that C4D R12 Application still is a checked option. Well, maybe.

So I put a parameter into icon link (this is very usual to…