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Branded Storytelling In 2017 Marketing

Modern marketing is now taking a new direction which is in the form of storytelling. The best brands at the moment are able to captivate audiences by telling amazing stories that revolve around their products and services, to get the attention of the consumers. Advertisers are competing for consumer’s attention with a number of devices, activities and shows. The world is shifting and the way in which people consume content is changing. It takes 50 milliseconds to make a first impression and 13 seconds for an image to be processed by the brain.

Content is now shifting to visual and with statistics suggesting that by 2019, 84% of content will be visual and 80% of that will be in video; there is need for marketers to start thinking differently. Advertisers therefore need to use moments and micro-moments to create interesting stories around them.

A great video production service can help you recreate moments into TV commercials or corporate videos that help tell a brand story. 3D architectural animation can help recreate ideas into visually appealing property development stories.

Characteristics of a great visual story

Sticky stories are created with amazing stories and great content. The content has to be appealing and it should be made to relate with the people with which it is meant for. Visual content has a 7 times higher conversion rate than any other type.

For visual content to create meaning with consumers, it has to be based on five key elements.

Originality this means that the content…

Reliable CG Animation & Video Production Services In Vietnam Quality

With such a variety of video Production organizations growing up all over vietnam, and every one asserting to be the best, it is vital to pick an organization that is really got aptitudes. A decent video creation organization will effectively expand your perceivability as a real estate agentor FMCG advertisting firm and upgrade your validity according to your objective market, while in the meantime spreading your message.

Your initial step ought to be to make a list of a different imminent organizations and research on their experiences. One of the most ideal approaches to get precise data is by soliciting a previous customer from the organization, regardless of whether he or she was happy with the work.

When you limit a chosen few applicants, begin with reaching each of them. Meet them actually to figure out them or get in touch with them by means of talk, sends or telephone calls. Examine a couple of thoughts with them and let them realize what you need from your video or infomercial. This will give them a fundamental thought on what you have at the top of the priority list.

Look at alternate administrations given by the organization. It is critical to have some thought of the extent of administrations that are given by these organizations. Discover what the rates are and if there are any extra charges on change request. Verify whether the organization broadens any supplementary administrations or additional items.

Architectural Animation Production In Saigon Was Not Future Anymore

Future is here at Saigon with all of architectural animation videos are highly produce to keep new property developer vision as much precise as it would be to let real estate clients deep immerse and take step further within sale & marketing funnel of whole marketing campaign

For professional advertisement, video is always a great tool to power up marketing campaign. And also much more challenge when you are diving in real estate marketing. Any of architect, new development, commercial building, residences would like to gain good sale & marketing will keep produce their video as not only many but also accurate to their vision quality as much.

Architectural animation was a friendly tool within real property marketing campaign around the globe since digital era blooming. Architect and developer now can easy proceed a vision right on desk at beach resort while use their mobile devices to demonstration their idea, send back home and get result by computer generated image or video turned from their only hand sketch on mobile devices.

Not only stop there, also marketer could visualize their accurate visual real properties to client in simple form such as video via web form, access everywhere that they want to target which hold their precise visual about property has not been built yet, sound, narration only in one medium. We call it architectural animation video.

And within growth country like Vietnam, you can see properties in development everywhere, local and international marketers are…

Vietnam Real Estate – 3 Outstanding advantage Of Choosing Rainstorm Film For Your Commercial Video Creation

In continuation of the discussion about the unending attributes of Rainstorm Film for real estate business video marketing in Vietnam, its also important to talk about the personal and passive benefit that will be your by using Rainstorm Film, in your video marketing. Though people says, ‘no one is perfect’, though this is true, but taking into account the nature of video production service from Rainstorm Film, it can be referred to as been unbeatable, not only in Vietnam alone but between other countries surroundings. This does not call for surprise, its only as a result that one of their goals is that they want to lead the race of commercial video production for real estate.

Performing like this, therefore is not a surprise its just that they proof their ability to dominate the atmosphere of video production in Vietnam. Going to the point straight away, we shall examine, in this post, some of the passive benefit of assigning your commercial video production to Rainstorm Film.

Professional Services

There might be other real estate video advertisement production companies in Vietnam, but the single and most important thing that singled Rainstorm Film is that their services come with cut edging professionalism. We are not only provide full 3D architectural animation services for any of real property design has not…

Vietnam Real Estate Marketing – How To Create Video That Win Market

We have talked about the importance, functions and the good effects of video marketing on real estate marketing pursuits, and I think this is the time we should discuss the procedure for producing a block-buster video clip. Even though its true that video marketing is one of the most ideal advertising channel to meet your clients, there still some element that makes your own video stand out among the crowd  to the business of the day, we shall (in this post) take a look at the ways of creating video marketing that turn viewers into buyers.

* Advance Structure:

one of the best practices that ensures maximum performance of a video marketing is that it must be professionally formulated, scripted and presented. Its not that you other aspect is not necessary, but its only that you need to know that, first impression has a lot to do with acceptance or rejection of what you are bringing to the market, and the professionalism nature of your video can either make or ruin your video  marketing efforts. And, for the fact that you are dealing with real estate, it involve great cash so you have to portray your business in an amazing way, so as to get the heart of your prospective clients.

* It must Answer Question:

when I take a look at the previous point and this one, they go hand in hand, after you ensure that you make it a top notch clip, one the other hand…

Tại sao phát triển kênh phương tiện – content marketing?

Video quảng cáo đang là kênh tiếp thị nội dung được rất nhiều doanh nghiệp tin tưởng và áp dụng. Tuy nhiên, không phải ai cũng nhận ra tiềm năng to lớn của nó trong việc truyền tải thông tin về sản phẩm hay dịch vụ nào đó mà bạn đang muốn quảng bá rộng rãi. Tầm quan trọng của làm phim quảng cáo khi muốn phát triển một thương hiệu bền vững và lâu dài là như thế nào?

Sự phát triển mạnh mẽ của kênh video trong năm 2017 và tương lai.

Theo chuyên gia Cisco làm trong lĩnh vực nghiên cứu thị phần phát triển internet marketing: “ Trong năm 2017 video sẽ chiếm 69% lưu lượng internet tiêu dùng”. Lướt qua một vài chỉ số thống kê trên các kênh nghiên cứu, chúng ta cũng nhận ra rằng khó tìm thấy bất kỳ chỉ số nào không tăng trưởng theo từng năm đối với kênh quảng bá bằng video.

Sự phát triển mạnh mẽ của kênh video

Video trực tuyến đang ngày càng trở nên quan trọng hơn bao giờ hết và nó trở thành phương tiện then chốt để mọi người thỏa mãn nhu cầu tìm kiếm thông tin, đáp ứng nhu cầu giải trí của họ. Một số doanh nhiệp nhỏ đã không nhận thấy được tầm quan trọng của tiếp thị sản phẩm thông qua video và…

Promoting Your Business With Video Is Not Only A Plus In Marketing

Unlike other creative firm and video production company in Vietnam, Rainstorm Film is a combination creative & production studios which could delivery from idea to launch video production services in  Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam both in digital video ads for internet and TV commercial that can enable your business marketing with safe, advance content setup, quick delivery and visual quality, also affordable budget, and the last but extreme important to any business that Rainstorm Film provide long term after sale promotion.

Critical to B2B sale & marketing nowaday which known – video is a superior tool to help explain or sale & marketing brand, product. That is the best way through marketing or (better call it) advertisement. For effective marketing, creation and the use of interesting video advertisement can fetch more client for an estate consultants than any other promotional methods. In this post we shall look at the reasons why video marketing is the best method while promoting property business.

Customers Are More Glue To Videos

More than any other advert media, video capture the attention of people both online and offline. According to a survey by smallbusiness.chron.com, it was reveal that about 92 percent of B2B (business to business) prospects are converted (are enticed to buy) from a brand due to their video adverts. It also reveal that, one in every 3 customers will buy after watching the video of a product.
How does…

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