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Choosing A Reliable Vietnam Video Production Service In Story Telling For Brand Marketing


Talk about Chapstick, Velcro and the likes and you know what product and brand name synergy means. These companies have been able to dominate public awareness by implementing effective brand marketing strategies. It is widely assumed that a good chunk of a brand’s image hinges on its ability to express its activities in the most excellently worded form.

Now, that’s what storytelling is all about. Storytelling has become an invaluable strategy adopted top companies to make the most marketing effective image of their brand. Although not all organizations can do justice effectively to this brand propelling concept, there are, of course, ways to take your brand to the next level with most marketing effective tips.

So here is a checklist to guide brand and choose a reliable Vietnam video production service for your brand.

  1. Your Brand narrative should be concise and precise

Regardless of your industry, you need to explicitly state your brand narrative in a succinct and easy way that will let customers know the value of choosing you over your competitors. This statement is very strategic and can be a goldmine in capturing your target audience. Your brand narrative basically informs your existing and potential clients of who you are, what you do, how you do it, your core values and what makes you unique from your competitors. No matter how similar, every brand has its own unique selling point so explore that to your advantage with most marketing effective brand narrative which should be in the 300 to 500 words range. Taking a cue from Nike for instance, their strong brand narrative with phrases like “Just do it” and “if you have a body, you are an athlete” are inspirational and inclusive and innovative enough to attract customers and stamp its authority in its niche.

  1. Define and focus on your Audience

Vietnam market is challenge where rural vs urban is always need deep dive to choose careful which channels matches your audience
Image source: Nielsen

Just as important as creating a superb brand narrative or storytelling, you also need to identify and streamline your marketing strategies to your target audience. This means you will be able to channel your marketing capabilities in the right direction and get the most from it because you will be creating just what is needed, in the best of words, at the right time and to the perfect audience. You can do this by doing an analysis of your main audience at the moment and those of your competitors. Also, know who potential brand personas could be and what content type is likely to convince them to choose you. Google analytics tool about your visitors, their location, devices and preferred landing pages will also come in handy at this stage. Creating a clear cut persona for your brand and prospective customers will streamline your brand stories to be more compelling, and yes! Inviting.

  1. Videos are a treasure, use them!

Image source: The Connected Consumer Survey

In today’s competitive marketing world, there is no gainsaying the fact that companies and most brands that enhance their marketing strategy with succinct and interesting videos record more success. This is because videos are worth a thousand words in the least. This helps spread your brand’s narrative to the largest audience and thus is a great tool for a most marketing effective strategy. One way to go about this is by having positive customer testimonials about your product or service. Amazon, for example, shares its brand history and fast delivery benefits with a video that depicts the essence of selflessness, placing others first and knowing that most of their customers actually purchase products meant for others. Rainstorm offers reliable Vietnam production service for its customers with also 3d architectural animation that not only helps property developers promote their business, but also enhance a super brand storytelling with concise ad videos. They could well be considered for 3d architectural animation which will enhance the most marketing effective brand stories. This is very important as physical appeal and deep visual brand expression is vital for a successful property development marketing strategy.

  1. Your Contents should be User-Generated

The main plus of having a user generated content is not far-fetched from taking advantage of testimonials. For property developers, 3d architectural animation and customer testimonials can go a long way in creating a perfect persona of your brand to the public. When tailored towards users, well-worded contents make customers feel valued and attracted to be a part of your business, and could also increase their trust in your service. A user generated content also reduces the need to provide numerous contents by yourself, allowing you to channel your marketing budgets to other brand promoting brand activities. The importance of user generated content is widely accepted and even by the media. For example, the BBC created a user generated content team in 2005 to change their broadcasting techniques. User generated contents can come in a whole lot of forms, but as previously mentioned, they are probably passed in the most compelling manner when videos are used. Thus, helping you share your brand story in not just authentic, but emotive, persuasive and effective manner. Another popular and well-known User generated content technique which has been vital for effective marketing is that employed by Coca-cola. Knowing fully well the essence of movement and active lifestyle in creating some of our happiest moments in our daily life, Coca-cola devised an ingenious user generated campaign in their “Happiness is Movement” marketing video, for example, letting customers know they value and share their customers happy moments and that their brand is tailored towards fulfilling that. For a property development outfit, getting an informative yet most marketing effective strategy is key, and that’s why 3d architectural animation is the best way to go in the dynamic industry.

  1. Your marketing campaign should be cross-channel

Image source: internet

A Vietnam based brand for instance, needs to ensure that not only have all requisite steps been taken but also that a reliable Vietnam production service provider would have been used for its brand marketing. Distributing this brand video persona has to be done in the best of ways to get maximum results. Making sure that your brand is heard is critical and this step can best be executed by making a cross-channel marketing campaign of your brand. Knowing the constantly developing technologies and preferred customer user channel means top brands enhance their brand outreach by harnessing social media, search and offline marketing tactics, email marketing and basically any method that increases their visibility. For example, Innocent smoothies enjoyed decent cross-channel marketing with a strategy focused on emotive messaging using a wide range of channels, both offline and online. Also the Big Knit, likewise, has a programme to get audience spread across the UK knit small hats for drink bottles. Innocent Unplugged is a festival organized by the same brand to allow people destress by leaving their phones at home for the weekend. All these are just a simple way of telling the brand’s story, which is basically their desire to ensure that people live well and good.

This is the power of storytelling, brand enhancement and video marketing in today’s competitive business world, so if you are looking to key in the most effective marketing strategy for your brand, this checklist, though not exhaustive, if carefully executed, should get you in the driving seat to significantly ward off competitors challenges and put your brand in the spotlight

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