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Short letter from Mr. CEO Meridian (3D visualization)

This is a letter from Summit Da Nang ‘s investor, this letter sent to Rainstorm Film’s Creative Director and his team about successful finished architectural visualization movie project.


“.. This is a short letter to extend our appreciation and to say how pleased we are to work with Rainstorm on the production of “The Summit” sales promotion 3D video. Your service to us has been professional and far more than that; you have been able to come up with new creativity and ideas, which make Rainstorm different from other companies that Meridian< has dealt with.

Thank you for co-operating closely with us as a partner and for completing the task in such a tight schedule. Meridian
looks forward to working with Rainstorm in the near future…”


Mr. CEO has signed,

What a big appreciated to him and his team at The Summit project. Truly thankful to him and all of his project’s members.

This is link to The Summit Movie : here