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Understanding Quality

Rainstorm Film Quality

Understanding Quality

Quality can be a tough concept to get a handle on, especially when you are dealing with a web site. Many different roles and positions take part In running a typical large commerce web site, and they all have different agendas, so what they mean by “quality” is likely to differ.

Working from a quality assurance outlook, you must be clear on what you understand quality to mean. You may need to declare or defend your views on the quality of your site to people who see quality differently.

The following definitions reflect different ways of looking at what quality might mean. I find the last definition – that quality is meeting requirements – the most useful approach here.

You Know Quality When You See It

You probably know of some things – products, services, etc. – that you feel are excellent, because they meet your needs, do what they are supposed to do, make your life easier, taste great, whatever….

Happy Tết!

Rainstorm Film 's office

Tết Tết Tết đến rồi !!!

Another year for Rainstorm Film, wishing all members a most successful in new year, a great healthy, wealthy year like dragon.

Happy Tết !

Rainstorm Film 's office

Rainstorm Film 's office

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