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Render Farm on Animation

Surf the web and see these guy here have something to studying Render Farm. Rainstorm Farm share all to whom concern.

Everyone reads articles about the immense number of processor hours required to create visual effects and animations for the latest films and TV shows. For example, render times totaled 40 million hours for Monsters vs. Aliens, 30 million hours for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and 6.6 million hours for Revenge of the Sith.

A good render time for television visual effects is anywhere between 30 minutes to one hour per frame, while multiple hours per frame is common for feature films. Some of the IMAX resolution frames required for Devastator, a character in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, took up to 72 hours per frame. How do studios get around this? They use render farms, which are banks of machines with the express purpose of rendering finished…

3D World CG Awards 2011


3D World CG Awards 2011 rainstormfilm, motion, media, multimedia, 3d, renderingrainstormfilm, motion, media, multimedia, 3d, rendering


About the 3D World CG Awards 2011 Join the celebration of the technology and artistry behind the global CG industry

The world’s leading magazine for 3D artists and animators, 3D World has been at the heart of the CG industry for over 10 years. Now we are proud to lead a celebration of the artistry and technology that continues to wow audiences the world over. The 3D World CG Awards will recognise the work of the entire CG entertainment industry: from software and hardware developers who give us the tools and engines to drive creativity to the artists and technicians involved in pushing the boundaries of CG illustration, animation, visual effects and arch viz.

Winners announced

Thanks to everyone who voted in the inaugural 3D World CG Awards 2011. We announced all 14 winning entries on 14th September 2011 and you can see them below. Don’t forget to…