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Video Production & Animation Services For Video Ads

For many reasons, there has been an inevitable shift towards visual content on social media. Just last year, the number of video posts per person has increased 94% in the US alone. Currently, Facebook averages more than 4 billion video streams every day. Then there’s the picture superiority effect in which pictures and images are more likely to be remembered than words.

the rise of OTT also help video is the most powerful engaged mediums across multi channels that could utilized user’s mobile into branded story telling

Some statistics that will make you want to use more video in your marketing:

■          Including video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%

■          After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online

■          1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video

■          50% of executives look for more information after seeing a product/service in a video

■          YouTube users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month, according to YouTube.

If the video is not part of your content marketing strategy yet, the time to start using it to market your product is now.

Great, but Why Animated Video?

With such a large number of videos all trying to get viewers’ attention, it’s getting hard for companies to cut through the noise. Another talking head or a boring animation video just won’t do the trick. This is where the Rainstorm Film video comes, and animation service can help you.

Majority of customers prefer video content to reading. Consumer preference will lead to video explosion in content marketing. The video will be used more for converting and lead generation, brand awareness, improve SEO, Improve online engagement. A lot of potential buyers don’t want to talk to salespeople. Bottom of the funnel is where videos and animations can influence sales in later stages.

There will be a lot of experimenting to find out what videos work in different situations. Animation, talking heads, actors, CGI. How to present introductions, hooks, and calls-to-action in a video. But animation has staying power in this mix.

There are several reasons why animation works better than other types of visuals:

Animation Keeps Viewer’s Attention

Internet users have short attention spans and will only spend this much time on a video or an article. Animation evokes emotions that resonate with the viewers. It sparks conversations and makes your audience want to follow the story.

Besides, nowadays people are used to intrusive marketing ads. Often they just see through all the white noise the ads create. Animation, however, is less known to be a marketing instrument. So people are more likely to pay attention to animated video than to traditional ads.

Animation Is Relatively Cheap to Produce

One of the significant advantages of using animation for your social media channels is that it is less expensive than live videos. Video production would involve spending thousands of dollars. Searching for a spokesperson, actors, shooting and cutting the film. Instead, you just need a fraction of this effort to create a perfect animation video.

How Powerful has Will Video Marketing Become?

By 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world. The video will dominate the internet. The video will be the primary medium for how internet users will consume information.