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Animation Process

People normally ask how animation have been done in both 3D and 2D, and how about hybrid like Sinbad the Movie :


Hard to describe in detail within a small blog like this, Rainstorm tried to rent from other internet resource which help you guys more understanding on this topic but not as deep as it usual.

2D process in a chart :

Source : here

and here is 3D :

Source : here

Within 3D, a more complex technologies may add up with physic, math and some other tools which need to help promote those visual more abstract as large impact to most audience. And yet, in 2D we need to rendering, with lot of people sitting there and do rendering (lol) but 3D with computer, more money to use but less people consume at the time, one engineer could help the rendering phase more decrease to let entire project meets deadline.
Not very complex eh ?? and the rest belong to how artist went with creative, art, direction, story line … those made a successful animation but Hey !! don’t forget about marketing process, that will let your project more popular, even a small social network will help your legacy more legend, even you are working on a non-profit or not commercial project.