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Explain on grade of final shot in Phu My Hung – Scenic Valley 2 TVC Production in Vietnam

Thanks that Justin Nix  from Grading Central group has encouraged me to write this article/post about the final shot I did grading on the TVC for Phu My Hung, Vietnam.

A Small Brief on This TVC Production At Vietnam

Phú Mỹ Hưng known as a success and well known developer at Vietnam for their explorer and built District 7 from savage lakes, wide bonds into a nice and high civilization area now a day, its success led other developers build the whole District 7 into a large growing area at Vietnam.

By near Tết (Lunar New Year at Vietnam), we got awarded the TVC production job from Phú Mỹ Hưng Marketing team, with the deadline so tight, they need the video has to air right after Tet. Anyway, that was a success, that’s why I am writting this article about my grade on last shot, the shot that I like most. Forgot to mention that I am TVC director on this job, without help from the whole team, I could not make it, thanks to all of them and my producer, she was extremely helpful.

This TVC is a mix of live action and 3D CG on new development which has not been built yet. 4 days shoot with the first part involving 2 days of drone does flycam (I like this guy, he is 9 years experience with RC fly and now shift to drone for 2 years, smooth fly, sometimes I have to ask him, “did you get high” :D), 1 day for shooting Mr. Kyta on interview part how new development setup , 1 day of the main show where all live action and chroma screen shoot setup.

Grading on This Show – TVC Production in Vietnam

Resolve help work on this TVC on all shots, included CG images, sequence. Colorist is Vu Pham, who writes this, also I am apprentice of all who master and helpful. This grade only success while a colorist run through the story and context before assembly any technical/skill work, it was lucky that I am TVC director on this show, also a colorist for it, so at least a what is going on is known.

This is after grading – targeting nature look and asia/Vietnam warm family feel

chỉnh màu phim quảng cáo, sau hoàn thiện - tvc production in vietnam

tvc production in vietnam

And this before

chỉnh màu phim quản

Breakdown Grade Nodes and Why Methods Has Used

Layer nodes has assembled separate luminance with chroma, a reduce noise on Blue Channel will need to create although this is shot from Red Dragon at 5K, but with the interior lighting setup, there is noise present

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

Skin tone qualified need to keep right, they are asia, so skin tone not really logical right at where Resolve vector scope tell us, I need to tweak a little bit to make sure all of our actors/actress will not get any type of skin sick look

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

From the very first time, TVC focus on green, but when you get into a warm interior, there is no jungle inside, Renaissance color chosen to enable the look and feel of all the whole place, but again, this yellow will help people feel happier when the TVC launch right after Tết, at Vietnam, it is very tradition that Tết comes with Red and Yellow theme, those are colors everywhere on this peaceful nation, this color and moment will capture audiences right where they watch it

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

Also, White balance has to be kept compensate to the yellow cast created from the camera indoor, a wood materials should look exactly it is, same for all chairs leather, shelf..

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

This is where trouble raises, mama actress in this shot has heavy make up, she a bit turn white and totally different with others where color grade comes, this is a forward and backward about color with developer, they feel something went wrong, by the end, with Resolve helps, more talk, a color choose to enhance and not create a huge different on the whole shot

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

Run through the shot with sequence, this is 10bit color, the shelf went wrong compare to reality, a soft key created to rest it

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

From the very beginning, gamma has been increase although it was Red Cine Log used, but stilln gamma need to enhance a bit, so this is where gamma restored and still obey broadcast rule in Rec 7.09

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

And that’s it, off course that we have to fighting with time a lot, it is not only live shot and then assembly into story, it could make us more faster but this is where chroma screen present also on all the whole show, we have to reduce any risk, total time made this happens in just 1 month for post production and CG, the whole job took 3 months because many reasons like weather, pre-production, casting, schedule, investor changes time, and some other reasons that we have to say Oh my Goodness, it was done, safe and sound.

This is another shot we like the most

This two shot create in a very tight space, DOP and camera man work out intelligent way to show this shot. She look pretty to me, she acts as young mom in this show Production in Vietnam


Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC


Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

And this is a bit different setup on above shot but we could take it as similar mind set

Color Grading Làm Phim Quảng Cáo TVC

Thanks for keep reading on this, we hope that you enjoy most. Please share your thought or if this work creates mistakes, please add your critique, I always believe, we are just sand in this nature, keep trying to learn more, work more, run through more faults, meet more friends in the end.

Cheers lah !