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Running C4D R12 application and Net Render Server in the same time

Well, actually this is not a new idea, I just based on last 2 old version where Client Render and Server Render got its own Execute file.

Yesterday there are friends came to my studios and given out a requirement to rent my render farm for 10 hours in execute their company’s job, that was really a very quick job, I got no C4D R12 in hand, well, I am a bit old fashion guy haha.

After a few setup, I realize that C4D r12 got no Client Render or Server Render, it is only an option as the beginning of installation stage. Wah, then I am gonna lose an IP just because to run Server side ? actually C4D r12 cost not much memory included CPU power horse to executes and maintains the Server app. During the installation stage, I saw that C4D R12 Application still is a checked option. Well, maybe.

So I put a parameter into icon link (this is very usual to any exe file from CAD/CAM tools, like 3D Studio Max, we got a command line to execute the application with no gui, perfect for rendering without consume more memory into display what is rendering and that’s is just a node without monitor).

When you going to install the C4D r12, just choose the normal option, no specific funtionality required, just let it go with the APPLICATION.

After the installation done. Clone your Application ICON to a new COPY.

Select the C4D r12 icon has just got your duplicated -> Right Click over the Icon Link to C4D r12 -> select Properties and add this :

In the Target Field (I am using Microsoft Windows 7, yes, I am rendering the job through PC network, no MAC execute)
“C:\Program Files\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R12\CINEMA 4D 64 Bit.exe” -Server

So that meant we can change up the parameter into -Client also if you decide your application be run as a Server.

Done, so now your run your own application during the server already function good, well – YAY ! let ‘s creative, leave all the geek stuffs behind. I love Motion Graphics & C4D.